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Farm to Table Dinner

Farm to TableStretching across Merchants Square sits a long table, draped in a simple white cloth and decorated with nothing but candles. Surrounded by only 150 seats, this table welcomes not only the guests who enjoy locally farmed foods, but the farmers responsible for feeding our community.

Chef David Everett, Chef Scott Hoyland, Chef Mark Thomas and The Catering Company help recall a simpler time of outdoor dining and farm fresh food by bringing unique, local, specially prepared foods to this table. With the help of their staff, these renowned Chefs will craft an abundant, savory feast using only the best ingredients. Local Farmers have the opportunity to enjoy their own products as they sit amongst guests during this open-air event. For ticket purchase and more information please call 757-229-8610

To get a sense of the magic of this event, watch the 2012 Farm to Table Dinner unfold in front of you:

Farm to Table Dinner from Abigail E. Darrin on Vimeo.